*Application Rates DO NOT include chemical cost. Chemical cost, depending on the job can be anywhere from 25% to 60% of the total bill. Chemical will be supplied by TerraNova LLC, or if the customer wishes, he or she can supply their own. We buy a large enough amount that we are able to get special deals that keep your cost down. Our prices are generally 5% to 35% cheaper than what you could find at a ranch supply store, so in most cases it is easier and more economical to let us supply chemical.

*Please Note that application rates will vary slightly according to the type of work being performed. Things like rough terrain, steep terrain, access to water, shrubbery, property access, and other things come in to play. We strive to provide the most economical rates possible.

*TerraNova LLC does not charge for mileage unless property is excessively out of the way.

*All rates will be expressed prior to any work being done, as will any mileage charges if applicable.

4 Wheeler Applications: $65-$80/ hour
6×6 Applications: $95-$125/ hour
Ag-Spraying: $9/ acre
Back Pack: $40/hour
Yard Spraying: Call for quote
Gopher Control: $20-$30/ acre

*While these rates might seem high for someone not familiar with the industry, they are actually among the lowest in our region. Labor, Maintenance, and Insurance costs when you use small vehicles for heavy work like this are expensive. It is important to keep in mind the result for the money, which is why calling for a quote is very important.

At Terra Nova, LLC. we offer extremely competitive pricing. Call us at (406) 596-3475 or fill out our form below for a custom quote.