TerraNova LLC has a full fleet of ATVs and UTVs equipped with specialized spraying equipment, designed and built to provide the most excellent, efficient, and effective results. We continuously strive to update our equipment and use the most recent technologies available.

4×4 Equipped

Four Wheeler Weed Spraying | Montana Weed Control | Terra Nova, LLC | Bozeman, Dillon, Ennis, Twin Bridges, Butte, Belgrade
We have five Honda four-wheelers that all carry customized saddle style 25 gallon spray outfits. Each rig is equipped with 30 feet of pull hose with a variable stream hand wand. In addition, each rig is equipped with independently operated side to side TeeJee broadcast nozzles each covering 15 feet; totaling 30 foot broadcast capabilities. 5.2 GPM pumps make a 10 gal/acre application possible at 5 mph. Ideal for almost all applications, be it road, hills, pasture, river bottom, etc.

6×6 Equipped

​We have three Polaris 6×6 side by side ATVs that carry customized spray units powered by a gas Honda pump. Honda pump powers a roller pump capable of 10gpm output which allows for high output operations. Each rig is equipped with one hand wand reachable by the driver; a second available to the passage installed on a hose real with approximately 100 ft of pull hose. Each rig is equipped with cab operated 3 way broadcast application… two side jets that attain 15 feet of application plus an additional center jet that covers between the outside of the wheel bases. In total, a 35ft heavy broadcast is possible if needed. All 3 stations are independently operated in the cab. At 50psi, 10gpa application is made at 10mph. In addition, the rigs are set up to perform independent drafting. Every unit carries a quick coupling draft hose that fills the 60 gallon tank in about 4 minutes, making the units independent of a tender.


We have a 16 foot bumper pull capable of hauling 3 4×4 ATVs plus 600 gallon reservoir tank with 30 gpm pump for both filling and drafting. We also have a 32 foot gooseneck capable of hauling 3 4×4 ATVs and 1 6×6 ATV plus 500 gallon reservoir tank with 50 gpm pump for both filling and drafting.